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Updated OLCC Rules

1/3/2022 7:00:03 PM +00:00

We are posting a scheduled update tonight after close of business

Please send any questions to

Thank You,

The Marijuana Software Team

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System Update

11/24/2021 1:03:49 PM +00:00

Due to popular demand, we have made the following updates  

  • Tax Exempt Sales Button is now optional
    The Tax-Exempt button is now hidden by default. This button can be activated in the store settings. 
  • Themes Display Issue Fixed
    An issue with the new Themes update caused flickering on the screens. This issue has been fixed.  
  • Upload Sales to METRC Screen Updated
    We added a new METRC connection detector to this page to warn you when your METRC API key expires.  
  • Use Gift Cards in OMMPOS
    We added the ability to create, sell and redeem gift cards. Learn more YouTube Video

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Feature Updates

9/4/2021 10:30:35 AM +00:00

Stock Overselling Warning

We adding a warning to the sales screen to prevent selling more inventory than is available. 

Delivery Warnings

We added better error feedback when placing a delivery order doesn't go through METRC as expected. 

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Fix to Timecards and Sales Screen

6/24/2021 10:45:22 AM +00:00

We posted an update this morning to fix the following issues

  • Adding products to order screen performing slowly. Fixed
  • Late afternoon timecard clock-ins were not updating the Clock in/Clock out button. Fixed
  • Editing timecard data added 1 hour to start and end times. Fixed 

We posted this update to regular OMMPOS this morning. We will update Private Clouds tomorrow. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you,
Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Floating Penny Bug Fix

5/26/2021 12:15:49 PM +00:00

OMMPOS has had a long running bug on our sales screen where the system would add a penny too much or calculate taxes and be a penny short. We have fixed this issue. It may be necessary to reenter your product prices for products where this issue is happening.

We have applied this update to regular OMMPOS today and will update Private Cloud customers tomorrow. Stand Alone Backup Server customers should give us a call to schedule an upgrade. Please give me a call with any questions. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Pre Roll Button Fixed

4/30/2021 1:08:48 AM +00:00

We fixed the METRC Pre-roll button. A recent METRC change requires specifying a Room when creating a new package. The pre-roll button will now create a default room for your dispensary if one has not already been specified.

A recent update began showing employee email addresses instead of names. We noticed that many email records were using the same email address. Each employee should enter a unique email address. This bug has been fixed.

Please call Raja with questions
(971) 276 - 3371

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March 25th Update

3/25/2021 4:48:42 PM +00:00

OMMPOS Delivery Support

Today OMMPOS received a new METRC API giving us Delivery Permission. We have posted an update that includes our OMMPOS Delivery BETA. You will find this new feature on the Sales screen.

Change to Wireless Printing

We have changed the way Wireless Printing labels are formatted. Now, you can format wireless labels the way that you like and include any additional required information.

New Reports

We have added new multi-store reports, new budtender reports and restored the Adjustments report. We plan to add a few more reports in coming days. 

Please give me a call with any questions and have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software, LLC
(971) 276 - 3371

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OMMPOS March 16th Update

3/16/2021 12:29:23 PM +00:00

Yesterday Metrc performed an update that broke the API functionality of OMMPOS, causing issues with retrieving package information and updating METRC admin information. We were able to provide a patch for this issue and uploaded our update to regular OMMPOS this morning. We will upload the patch to OMMPOS Private Clouds and State customers this evening and schedule appointments for Stand Alone Backup Server customers. 

We were not provided with advanced notice of yesterday's breaking changes and responded as fast as possible to provide a fix and restore functionality. We worked through the night and were able to restore full functionality to everything except the Metrc Sales Reconciliation Tool. This past METRC update removes access to key sales transaction data that we need to reconcile daily sales. We will be reaching out to Metrc asking them to restore the sales transaction data that we need for daily sales reconciliation and we encourage you to do the same. 

Please call me with any questions.

Thank you,

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software, LLC

(971) 276 - 3371

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Metrc Update Causing Package Issues

3/15/2021 10:01:16 AM +00:00

update 3/16/21 3:16 AM: We updated regular OMMPOS this morning. Yesterday Metrc posted an update that caused breaking changes. We updated OMMPOS to account for these changes. We will be updating Private Clouds end of day Tuesday 3/16/21. Backup server customers please contact me to schedule an upgrade appointment. - Raja

METRC launched it's scheduled update this morning mentioned in metrc memo #90.  This update appears to be interrupting people's ability to import new packages. If you encounter this issue please give METRC a call and let them know. 

We are postponing our planned update until this Friday 3/19/21 to avoid any conflict with this METRC update. Please give me a call with any questions.

Thank you,

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software, LLC
(971) 276 - 3371

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Update to Improve Package Handling

2/25/2021 12:08:32 AM +00:00

UPDATE: 2/25/2021 11:52 AM : The update created a problem importing packages this morning. This issue has been fixed.

We posted an update to increase the speed of handling package informarion in OMMPOS. This should improve functionality on the Products and Metrc Intake pages. We will be updating Private Clouds at close of business Thursday and scheduling appointments to update Backup Servers. Please let us know if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

Thank you,

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software, LLC
(971) 276 - 3371

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